Flexible, reliable and integrated security alarm systems that can be customized just for your needs!

Bosch Solution 6000 All the Features: Heavy Duty Reliable Alarm System Heavy Duty Solutions Connect to you system remotely Get instant notifications and alerts 3 Years Warranty

Top Ranking Medical Alarms from Brilliant

We design, install, monitor and maintain Medical Alarms for Hospitals, Clinics and Personal Safety Alarms.

We work with the best Medical Alarm Systems: Vital Call, Smart Life, Ness Medimate, Smart Link, etc...

We also offer Medical Alarm Monitoring 24x7 services

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Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Our experienced team can provide Alarm Security Solution that is easy to use, reliable and protects business. From design through to installation, maintenance and monitoring.

We have customers ranging from small business owners to manufacturers, warehouses and nation wide retail chains.

From small facilities looking for basic protection with convenient control, through to medium ones requiring comprehensive protection with automation elements and big facilities and their demand for intelligent protection, we have smart solutions to fit all your security needs and budget.

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Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Remote controls are the first thing many people think of when we talk about wireless alarm systems but there are other benefits.

A wireless system is perfect for installations where there is limited or no access to roof spaces to run the necessary cabling for the alarm system.

Most of the normal hard wired type sensors are also available as wireless models, offering the same levels of protection. Keypads and even external sirens can be wireless also, providing that total wireless solution.

Get alarm alerts, turn your system on or off, know who enters and leaves your property or manage several branches or offices from one central application.

Wireless Alarms

Awesome Security Alarm Features

Our alarms can have many valuable features that add to the functionality of the alarm and increase its usability:

  • Systems can be partitioned to protect multiple areas independently;
  • Some alarms can be armed/disarmed over the phone - great for letting people in;
  • Voice modules allow the user to operate the alarm over the phone using voice commands;
  • Systems can also integrate with your building automation and More!

Whether you want a basic alarm system or complete building automation, we have a solution to fit your budget and needs!

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Our Special Package: Bosch 6000

Package Includes:

  • Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Panel
  • Bosch LCD Graphics Keypad (White or Black)
  • 3x Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Standard PIR Motion Detectors
  • 3G Module with dual sim (Connected back to your Mobile or/and back to base)
  • External Siren and Strobe
  • Internal Siren
  • Backup Battery and Power Supply
  • 3 Years Warranty

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