A smartphone App that enables consumers and business owners to remotely control their alarm system from anywhere in the world.
Control your alarm system from anywhere with the Pocket Secure smartphone app.

Your Security System made smart

Pocket Secure works with professionally installed alarm systems using an encrypted network provided by Permaconn, the most trusted communications network for the security industry in Australia.

Pocket Secure App requires back to base monitoring and installed Permaconn Communicator to operate.


Remote Arm/Disarm

Arm and disarm your security alarm from anywhere using your mobile phone

Push Notifications +

All alarms and system messages are sent to your phone

Control Multiple Sites

Quickly see all events across multiple sites eg. home, office or holiday house

User Permission Control

Admin user can manage the features that other app users can access,
Pocket Secure Key Features
  • 01.
    Remote Arm/Disarm your security alarm from anywhere using your mobile phone
  • 02.
    Free Event Notification for up to 10 users per device
  • 03.
    Inputs Mapped to Outputs allows you see the status of connected gates and doors (i.e. open/closed) for basic access control
  • 04.
    DSC Keypad Interface uses a serial interface with DSC panels that enables you to quickly isolate zones and control your alarm system
  • 05.
    Personal Safety Alarm sends mobile panic alerts with real-time location to users' Pocket Secure contacts
  • 06.
    End User Permission Control allows admin users to control which users can receive alarm and system notifications
  • 07.
    Multiple Site Control enables you to remotely control and easily see events across multiple sites (e.g. office, warehouse, home)
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