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Whether you live in an apartment, single storey house or double storey house, it is always the right time to secure your property! You definitely keep asking yourself: "What security system I need for to protect my home and family?!" Brilliant Technology Solutions offers you the Start-To-Finish solution to keep your house secure and safe from intruders.


With Brilliant smart home you can:

  • Protect what matters most
  • Ensure safety and peace of mind
  • Instantly see what you care about

The components you need to secure your property:

- Burglary Alarm System

- CCTV System

- Smoke and Fire Alarm System

- Flood Detection

- Intercom system

- Access control system

- 24 hours Monitoring

- Security system repair services

- Preventative Maintenance


Video Surveillance for your House

Stream video live / CCTV Monitoring

- Record all the events around your property (Front yard, back yard, entry and all the sides, we make sure we don't have any blind spots)

- Access footage remotely from anywhere.

- Keep an eye on your property.

- Get Notification on a motion happening in any area you choose.

- Protect your house from theft


Security Alarm for your House and Property

Get real-time notifications

- Secure your House with a descent alarm system that you can monitor remotely

- Panic Alarm that can protect your family members and yourself if any unusual action is happening around.

- Smoke detector that will set immediate alarm and send signals to your device and back to base if any smoke is detected in your house.

- Flood detector that will detect flood in an area where it is installed and send signal straight away.

- Get signals sent to your phone and to the Monitoring Center.

- Protect your House from theft


Video Intercom for your house and property

- Communicate with your visitors before they knock your door or come in.

- Take a snapshot for visitors or intruders

- Communicate with people on your door even if you are not at home.

- an optional feature is to give access to someone if you are not home.

- No need to give anyone key any more. just give them a code that you can change straight away after they leave.


24/7 Alarm Monitoring

- Protect your home and family with a Brilliant Back-to-Base Alarm Monitoring

- 24/7 Protection

- Call Centre Located in Australia

- Fast Alarm Response

- Mobile Monitoring System.

- Remote Activation


Medical and Personal Alarm

Highly recommended for seniors, people returning home from hospital and those who is at risk of a fall at home.

- We ensure your peace of mind with Brilliant's 24/7 monitored emergency alarm system

- 24/7 Fast response by real people

- Works completely independent from NBN and telephone lines.

- No Lock-in contract.

- Automatic fall alert pendant can be added to provide peace of mind.


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