Terms of Return

The acceptance of a purchase order is considered acceptance of the following terms of returns. If an agreement has been reached within Brilliant Technology Solutions, that agreement, if and where it contradicts any terms within our returns policy shall prevail. If any other agreement has been signed previously by either or both parties, the terms within our returns policy herein shall prevail.

As of August 1, 2021, when Brilliant Technology Solutions encounters the requirement for goods to be returned to our supplier, they will raise a Request For Credit (RFC) against the supplier, at which stage, we will require a Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) which will need to include instructions for return outlining:

– Your freight details and desired return location for faulty goods OR;

– Your authority to destroy and subsequent instructions (ie photo evidence) OR;

– Your instruction for us to process the RFC and store the goods in our quarantine area for your collection.

– Your desired return location (for goods being returned for any reason other than faulty/warranty).

Should there be a discrepancy or a dispute with an RFC, please speak directly to the relevant store/store manager and if a resolution is unsuccessful, please discuss this with Operations Manager who will assist in resolving the problem.

In the event that a product claimed as faulty is in fact not faulty, our store will rectify the paperwork by either; arranging collection of the goods and cancelling the RFC once collected or (preferred method) raising a new PO to include those goods along with any freight charges incurred by the supplier.


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