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Benefits of an Alarm System for Business

Why You Should Install Now Security Alarm for Business

Benefits of installing an Alarm System for Business

Most of the business depends on physical assets. This can include equipment, inventory, data storage and sensitive information about customers, employees and suppliers.

It is extremely important that you guarantee that your business is safe, protected and looked after 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Find out how to protect your business using an Alarm System:

What is an Alarm System?

It is a combination of electronic components to detect unauthorised access to a building or area, usually to protect people the place and its valuables. Usually, it is connected to locks, detectors, sirens and also cameras, and is controlled by a control panel.

An alarm system can have:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Door / Window Switches
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Duress and Panic Alarms
  • Sirens
  • Control Panel
  • Keypads ( Codepads )
  • Keyfobs (Remote Controls)
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat and Gas Detectors
  • Remote Control via Smart Mobile Apps
  • Integration with Smart Building

Benefits of Installing An Alarm System For Business

  1. Prevent intrusion and theft
  2. Get a faster response to any incident
  3. Minimize Loss
  4. Pay lower insurance premiums
  5. Integrate detectors and smart building functions
  6. Avoid false Alarms
  7. Get peace of mind

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Bosch 3000 Install

New Alarm System installation. This installation includes Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm System, Bosch PIR Motion Detectors, External Siren and strobe, Internal Siren, Bosch Keypad.

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Solution 2000 3000 Location Programming Guide

Use this cheat sheet for the following keypads: 


Hint (On the following codepads IUI-SOL-TEXT, IUI-SOL-TS7 & IUI-SOL-TS5 you can use your installer code and 81# to use address programming)

my alarm

Everything you need to know about MYALARM – Bosch 6000 Mobile App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyAlarm?

MyAlarm is a cloud based service that allows alarm system owners to configure and control staff or family members who are using the iFob Control app to control their alarm system.

How many people can use the iFob Control app on my alarm system?

Up to 10 mobile app devices can be setup to operate each site.

What happens if I change my phone or smart device?

If you change your smart device you will need to delete your previous mobile app user from the MyAlarm website and then add the new mobile app user.

Can I use the same app code on multiple smart devices?

No, app codes can only be used once.

What should I do if I forget my username or password for the MyAlarm website?

You can retrieve your username or reset your password by following the links on the sign in page.

What should I do if I can’t find my panel serial number or if my panel does not meet the MyAlarm requirements?

In both cases the best person to contact is your alarm installer. There are instructions in the iFob Control app setup page which explain how to locate your panel’s serial number.

How can I find out more information on the options available on the mobile user page?

Detailed descriptions of each option can be found by pressing the Help button on the mobile user page.

Why can’t I see all features in my iFob Control app?

The site’s owner is the only person who can allocate iFob Control access to users via the MyAlarm website. They may have chosen to restrict you from certain features. Contact your site owner if you feel this may be in error.

How do I get an App Code?

Only the site owner is able to create mobile users and issue app codes. They do this via the MyAlarm website.

Why can’t I see or control outputs / doors on the system?

The site owner may have restricted your access to these functions. Outputs and doors must also be configured by the installer so that are available in the app.

Why can I only use iFob Control app in the local Wi-Fi zone?

The site owner can restrict the app user so they are only allowed access from the home Wi-Fi zone. Check with the site owner to see if this option has been set for you.

Why does the button on the my sites page say Register instead of connect?

This happens when a new site has been set up in the app but the panel serial number or app code may have been entered incorrectly. Please check this information and edit if necessary then press the Register button.

Why is there no password to open the iFob Control app?

All smart devices have the ability to set a global password on the lock screen which secures access to the app.

Why do I always have to enter my PIN to perform some functions on the iFob Control app?

The site owner may have set the option via the MyAlarm website that requires you to enter your PIN. Contact your site owner if you feel this may be in error.

Why do I sometimes see a warning telling me the connection limit is exceeded?

Only two iFob Control app users can connect and control the system at the same time. If you see this message wait a few minutes before trying again.

Why do I sometimes see a warning saying No Network Connection?

The iFob Control app uses your device’s data service to provide the connection to your alarm system. If the quality of the network connection is poor you may see this warning. Try moving to a different location to improve signal strength before trying again.

Where can I find out more about MyAlarm’s terms and conditions and privacy policy?

MyAlarm Terms and Conditions and privacy policies are available via the MyAlarm website.

Why do I see Quarantined for a user on MyAlarm Mobile User Page.

If an app user tries to connect multiple times using an incorrect User Pin, the system will quarantine their mobile user profile and prevent future connections. To rectify this make sure the Mobile User is using a valid User Pin that works on the panel and then remove the quarantine status on the MyAlarm mobile user page.