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We design, install, monitor and maintain Electronic Security Alarms for Business, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Schools, Warehouses, Industries, Rural and all kinds of properties.

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Brilliant Alarm Monitoring Services offer 24x7 assurance that your assets and people are safe and secure. We monitor alarms with different service levels available to suit your needs as well as offer CCTV live time or archive monitoring solutions. Whether you simply want an activation alert to your mobile or tablet, a "find me anywhere" call or a guard sent to site: we have a solution for you.

Mobile Apps

No more having to go to the office when the alarm goes off or if someone forgets to arm it. It's all at your fingertips now! Our alarm's apps are reliable, very convenient and allow you to control your alarm system Anytime, and from anywhere from your smartphone or tablet with the ability to get phone calls to your device as well! The benefits are many!

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