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We design, install, monitor and maintain CCTV SYSTEMS for Business, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Schools, Warehouses, Industries, Rural and all kinds of properties.

Security systems for open yards in the southern highlands and canberra

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CCTV Smart Solutions

Brilliant Technology Solutions offers more than just recording footage for surveillance purposes. There are many other amazing ways that you can use CCTV cameras:
People counting and Tracking - Heat Maps - Facial and Number Plate recognition - Improving general Health & Safety - Staff training - Business Analytics - So much more!
Learn More about Market Applications for CCTV Security Cameras!

Thermal Solutions

CCTV Cameras with advanced detectors and algorithms that can detect elevated body temperature. Hikvision's Fever Screening Thermographic Camera is perfect for office buildings, factories, stations, airport and other public area. accuracy of ±0.3°C one second to detect simultaneously Multi-person measurement to avoid physical contact Immediately alarming to notify operators AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources

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