Warehouse Security System

Protect Your Business and Minimize Risks

You definitely keep asking yourself: “What security system I need for my Warehouse?!” Brilliant Technology Solutions offers you the Start-To-Finish solution to keep your Warehouse secure and safe from intruders and CHEATERS. Simply to protect your business and staff members and investment from theft.

If you have more than one branch, nothing would be better than having a centralized system where you can check everything from one place.

Check below the elements you need to secure your Warehouse.

Video Surveillance for your Warehouse

–  Record all the events in your Warehouse

–  Access footage from anywhere.

–  Keep an eye on your staff

–  Ensure Customer service

–  Protect your Warehouse from theft

–  Ensure safety in you Warehouse

CCTV Security Cameras Australia

Security System for your Warehouse

– Secure your Warehouse with an alarm system that you can monitor remotely

– Panic Alarm that can protect your staff if an intruder showed up

– Get signals sent to your phone and to the Monitoring Centre

– Protect your Warehouse from theft

– Protect your Warehouse with Smoke Alarms

Access Control for your Warehouse

– Record all the events in your Warehouse

– No need to give keys to your staff anymore, just give them a code or a card.

– Give each parent a code or card to access the Warehouse, and know when they attended.

– Get notification when any of your staff members or Couriers arrive to the Warehouse.

gallagher mobile access control

Time Attendance System for Warehouses

– No-touch Time and Attendance

– Access Control Screening

– No-touch access control

– Fast and accurate time records

– Comply with your Fair Work record keeping obligations

– Integrate system with your existing payroll software.

Intercom System for your Warehouse

– Know who is on the door

– Give the receptionist the option to open the door while sitting on the desk.

– Open door from other rooms if receptionist not on the desk.

– Get signals sent to your phone.

– Protect your Warehouse from unwanted and none-welcomed people.

Intercom Door Station
data and networking

IT and Networking System for Warehouse

–  We build your IT and Networking infrastructure starting from cabling and data points.

–  Cabinet and Rack Management including Racks, Patch Panels, Patch Leads.

–  Active Network: Including Networking  switches, routers, computers and workstations, printers and photocopiers.

–  Servers for your Warehouse, Windows server, office 365, Active directory, etc…

–  Networking Security Including Firewalls, Antivirus.

–  Wireless Network System and full coverage for your Warehouse

Telephony System for your warehouse

– Local on-premise phone system for your Warejhouse

– Change how people experience your business inside and out.

– Set employees up for non-stop productivity with out all-in-one app that works everywhere and every way your business does.

– Communicate and Connect with forklift drivers and staff

– Integrate system with amplifier and speakers for announcements and paging in your Warehouse

Video Intercom Phone

Comprehensive Security
Services, Competitive Prices,
Wide set of skills

Why Brilliant

We are locally owned and actively involved in our community. Our Engineers and Technicians are professionally trained and certified with the latest security products and technologies!

24/7 Support

We provided ongoing support in your pursuit of protection. We don't just install security systems then leave you to manage yourself. We build lasting relationships with our clients through our commitment to consistency and we are always ready to answer your call and help you troubleshoot any problems.

Premium Service

Your safety and security is our number one priority. We car for you, your family and your property. We work with integrity, commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism, accountability and communicate with you all the time!

Cutting-Edge Technology

We specialize in securing both commercial and residential properties. We use the latest and best technologies in the market. All our products and services are covered by warranty. We make sure the solutions we provide will be Brilliant and essential part of your daily routine.

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Hundreds of our customers rely on our security expertise and services to get their businesses fully secured.

Frequently asked questions
How does BRILLIANT help securing my business?

BRILLIANT offers more than just a security service to protect your business, we offer everything you need to create an effective Security Solution that keeps you on top of your business. Already have a security system? We offer upgrade and back to base monitoring plans that will keep your system maintained, secure and online. Our professional team helps you build a professional security solution, while our online monitoring tools allows you to get connect and monitor your premises at anytime from anywhere with a User-friendly applications. BRILLIANT is an all-in-one solution provider to get your business secured, backed with expert, personalized support from BRILLINT Guides.

What is an Electronic Security System?

Electronic Security System is a combination of electronic equipment, procedures and measures in order to anticipate all vulnerabilities and try to migrate them by providing security to people, property and valuables according to previous established standards.

In other words, it is a combination of electronic security equipment such as CCTV Security Cameras, Video Management Systems, Alarm Systems, Detectors, Sirens, Access Control Systems and other, with surveillance and monitoring activities to protect your people and assets

Why do I need a Security System for my business?

Security Systems are widely used by  corporations and commercial buildings - usually associated with police, government and banks. However, as the criminality numbers have been escalating, and the prices and options of security equipment have become cheaper and more accessible, many schools, shops and private homes are adopting it fast pace.

Unfortunately, when criminals are looking for the next victims, usually the look for vulnerabilities and they tend to choose places that haven't got any (or a weak) security system. They tend to choose the easy targets (and some studies says that unsecured places are up to three times more likely to be burglarized than the safe ones).

Why do I need a CCTV System?

CCTV or closed-circuit television are security cameras designed to capture images for surveillance purposes. They are usually used for video surveillance, registering images and monitoring places, but also can include people counting and tracking, facial and vehicles number plate recognition, business analytics and more. CCTV will help you:

  • Discourage external theft and robberies
  • Avoid employee theft as well
  • Catch burglars and intruders red handed
  • Avoid blind spots
  • Keep your eyes on the business at all times
  • Remote eyes
  • Business Analytics
  • Reduce your property insurance premium
  • Avoid Law Suits
  • Better than human eyes
  • Easy to install and start working
  • Cost effective
Why do I need Alarm System?
Alarm system is a combination of electronic components to detect unauthorized access to a building or area, usually to protect the place and its valuables. It can also include the management of certain activities and send signals according to the designed system. As an example, it is possible to have an alarm system to detect the excess of water in a farm or the leak of carbon monoxide gas in a factory, to prevent damages. The alarm system is usually connected to locks, detectors, sirens, and also cameras, and is controlled by the control panel.
Why do I need Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is a service that watches the signals from your security alarm and then reacts to those signals in a way that you specify: by phoning or texting you, and/or by dispatching a security guard to the site, for example. They are usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Alarm monitoring services offer 24x7 assurance that your assets and people are safe and secure. We monitor alarms with different service levels available to suit your needs as well as offer CCTV live time or archive monitoring solutions. What is better: no contract required.

Why do I need Access Control?

Access control is a way of restricting access to parts of a place to authorized people only. It means that only the authorized staff or managers can access the warehouse, while cleaners and customers are restricted to the shop area, for example. A simple system may only consist of a single door with an electric lock that needs the user to enter a code on a keypad, fingerprint or a key fob to gain entry (like a garage with a remote control, for example). A complex system can consist of hundreds of doors, with certain users only allowed to access certain doors, and maybe only at certain times or on certain days of the year. Locks are electronic (or mechanical) fastening devices that are released by key, electronic cards, remote controls, mobile app, control panel code providing a unique and safe combination for unlocking and enabling access. While the mechanical locks allow only physical contact for locking/unlocking, the electronic locks provide way more options to control the access, as the convenient remote controls and mobile apps.

Can I install a Security System by myself?

At BRILLIANT Technology Solutions, we believe in thorough, professional installations. All of our security packages come with Installation included. We do not have any hidden prices. Our Security Installations are done by Fully Licensed, Trained and Insured security experts and our prices are affordable!


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