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Elevator Security Camera

Elevator Cameras

Elevator Cameras or CCTV for Elevators and Lifts is a Strata Security Solution provided by Brilliant Technology Solutions to Secure the Lifts in Apartment Blocks.

Adding a CCTV Camera to an Existing or New Elevator requires special cables that should reach the last floor of the building which can cost lot of money. Our Elevator Camera Solution costs much less and can be considered very effective and efficient.

Whether you want a Wireless Solutions or Hardwired Solution to Secure your Lift, we can work with your budget and offer you few possible options and solutions. We would take the best decision based on your existing infrastructure and preferences. 

Elevator Security Cameras Options

Wireless Solution for Elevator Cameras

Wireless Elevator Cameras may be installed in any elevator without the need of running special cables all the way. We do not compromise on the image quality and reliability, as Brilliant Technology Solutions guarantees the wireless transmittal of Real-Time HD quality video. Get Security and peace of mind with our wireless CCTV solution for Elevators and Lifts

Wired Solutions for Elevator Cameras

From running special cables to obtaining High Quality image on your CCTV Monitor, we know how to secure your lift 24 hours. We can offer you a superior cost-effective installation service. We offer fish-eye, corner mounts & dome cameras all in different image resolution to meet your requirements. For every Elevator Camera Installation completed by us, we offer a 3-year warranty to our clients.

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