IP Camera People Counting Shootout – Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Dahua, Hanwha, Hikvision

People Counting Cameras

A people counting test was done by IPVM on multiple manufacturers’ cameras, including:

The test only included conventional, generally available, IP cameras and not specialized 3D cameras.

Manufacturer Performance Summary

Based on our testing, Hanwha AI and Axis People Counter performed best, correctly counting people walking through the scene while ignoring sources of false counting such as people lingering on the counting line or shadows in the scene.

Avigilon H5 and Hanwha’s X series people counting had issues with people walking close together, infrequently missing a second person, while Bosch IVA counted subjects multiple times when they lingered on the counting line. Dahua people counting infrequently completely missed counts on a person walking across the line, with no clear indication as to why.

Finally, Hikvision people counting (on a Smart Series camera) performed the worst with issues such as counting people twice in the scene, counting shadows as people, or counting multiple times when people lingered.

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